House Sheriffs

May 9, 2012 by

I stayed up too late last night watching X-Files. I always liked it as a kid but never fully appreciated the show until now that it is on Netflix. I’ve also been watching the original G.I.Joe cartoon but that’s another story in itself. The people that made that cartoon were on some serious drugs. Anyways, food here’s a new, pulmonologist free, original track from House Sheriffs! Here’s what they wrote to me in their email::::

Two upcoming Dj/producers based in miami know as House Sheriffs. We basically
make music for fun but also for our fans to enjoy with us :)… Our remix of
raining by kaskade made it to # 3 on Hype Machine with a total of 2046 hearts.
And we actually released a free track called Rainbow Falls and would appreciate
your feedbacks on it. We hope to hear from you guys soon! :)

House Sheriffs – Rainbow Falls (Original Mix)



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