E4RTH + Sazon Booya

April 18, 2012 by

In a time when many believe the planet may be in danger, pills E4RTH is here to party until the very end. Produced by Alan Astor (whose remixes have been #1 in Hype Machine twice and was the producer for PUNCHES) and featuring the contributions of artists from around the planet, buy E4RTH’s sound is big like the world and fun loving like everyone in it. The Sazon Booya Remix of E4RTH’s first single, this web “It’s Where We Live”, is being released in recognition of Earth Day 2012. The track features vocals from Boston’s Amy Douglas (Treasure Fingers, Codes), as well as verses from Delaware’s Amaze and additional vocals from South Africa’s White Lion. Look for more tracks and the first E4RTH video coming soon.

E4RTH – It’s Where We Live (Sazon Booya Remix)


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