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Here’s what The Beatards have to say about these two tracks:

“Getting Jacked (Morsy Remix)”
Producer by day, migraine DJ by night, Morsy is a non-stop musical powerhouse invigorating audiences worldwide. The NYC resident and member of Top Billin Records gives us a bouncy remix of “Gettin Jacked”, teaching a thing or two about the Brooklyn nightlife and making us wish we were there. Bring pepper spray and/or a tazer.

“Tramp (Cobra Krames Remix)”
Brooklyn based Cobra Krames has been putting a stamp on club music for many moons! The attention to detail is like that of a cheetah stomping its prey, infallible. Take that vocab to the studio or the night club & you’ll find booties bouncing everywhere. The curator of the infamous ‘Trunkstep’, Cobra Krames mixes hip-hop beats & grooves with dubstep influenced sounds.

Get the full Remix EP on their soundcloud for free!

The Beatards – Gettin’ Jacked (Morsy Remix)

The Beatards – Tramp (Cobra Krames Remix)


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