Malente + Azzido Da Bass

March 30, 2011 by

Dim the lights and pack your scope, sickness Malente and Azzido Da Bass are back!

Two of Germany’s electronic heavyweights have checked out of their studio, viagra pale with fear and wet with excitement, rendering what could be one of the largest songs to surface in 2011 – Hunting.

An arpeggiated juggernaut, Hunting resonates through the ears, mind and soul of anyone subject to its onslaught, heralding the return of straight up and proper electronic club music – adhering Malente and Azzido Da Bass atop the hoard of those who have tried, those who have succeeded, and those who have been hunted.

Supported by a cohort of psychotically convivial mixes from the likes of Supabeatz, Dem Slackers & Fake ID, Tom Piper, Ado, Slap In The Bass, the sensory encroachment and aural flirtation of Hunting, must be experienced to be believed.

Malente vs. Azzido Da Bass – Hunting (Tom Piper vs. Neki Stranac Moombahton Mix)


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