Chrome Pony

July 26, 2010 by

…from the force of his character, visit web
starting aside from the straight
path like some mighty steed that seizes the bit between its teeth; he
rushed towards headlong ruin, thumb and utterly abandoning the divine
salvation, gathered his worst comrades around him, and became a most
violent, bloodstained, and reckless bandit-chief.

Chrome Pony feat. Crystal Vision has just unleashed the tracks from their new EP to the internets!

The EP will be hitting all of the online stores soon but you can download all the tracks right now for free!

Chrome Pony – Carry the Load (Feat. Crystal Vision)

Chrome Pony – Love in a Genocide (Feat. Crystal Vision)

Chrome Pony – Everything All the Time (Feat. Crystal Vision)

Chrome Pony – Trannies on Istiklal (Feat. Crystal Vision)


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