Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

July 21, 2009 by

today the moon tomorrow the sun

Critically praised Atlanta indie-electronic band Today the Moon, pilule Tomorrow the Sun was recently a Editor’s Pick in Flagpole Magazine, in which Music Editor Michelle Gilzenrat said she was “totally blown away” by the band. Ohm Park listed TMTS as one of the Best Bands of 2008. The Culture of Me recently said that “the band creates simple, live-fast-dance-hard songs filled with fervor and force,” and termed them as Emerging.

Featuring Lauren Gibson on Vocals, Micah Silverman on Bass, Cregg Gibson on Guitar, and Jeremy Cole on Drums, the band that’s been hailed as “righting a few decade old wrongs” in the indie-electro scene has already captured audiences throughout the Southeast, and is on the peak of exploding nationally.

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun – Never Always Good (Free Magic Remix) [YSI]


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