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we and lisa

Singer Petter and Doc Ron met in 2003 in the Swedish soccer team Doolittle BK. Petter played Doc Ron a few of his songs and the latter was so impressed that he instantly felt that the two of them just had to form a pop group. Which they did.

The goalie Ante soon brought his guitar and the band We & Lisa was a reality. In May 2004 the guys released their first D.I.Y. E.P. C’mon C’mon.

In December 2006 the band’s very first live gig took place at Blekingska nationen in Lund.

The retrospective album Dreams Within A Dream is released on Series Two Records on March 31 2009. More info in the discography section below.

We & Lisa – I Am You [YSI]

We & Lisa – Independence (Doc Ron Remix) [YSI]

Ladyhawke – Dusk Till Dawn (Doc Ron Remix) [YSI]

Cut Copy – Far Away (Doc Ron Remix) [YSI]

The Teenagers – Feeling Better (Doc Ron Remix) [YSI]


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