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December 26, 2008 by

little jinder

Got a couple xmas presents for you.
First track comes all the way from Japan, health straight to your hard drive!
DJ muranao from I’m So Look You sent this to us. A nice electro pop take on Wham!‘s Last Christmas. Check out her blog… if you can read japanese.

I’m So Look You – Last Christmas (Wham! Cover) [YSI]

The next track comes from Jen Feldman. She says that “it’s meant to accompany christmas trees and latkes.” I don’t know about that but its a fun little edit anyways.

Jen Feldman – J Cuddle Hustle [YSI]

Now that I’ve given you these, why don’t you do me a favor and put your mouse on those ads that you see? :)

amari night members club

First off, herbal Amari Night Members Club is giving away a bunch of their remixes. We’ve posted about them before and you should definitely go download the whole album HERE!

l’unica cosa – Marta sui tubi (amari night members club remix) [YSI]

Next we have a new remix from Lebatman. These Italians have been pumping out remix after remix lately. Go check out their myspace to hear the rest!

Coal Stairs – Fuji 111 (Lebatman Remix) [YSI]

Last we have another Little Jinder remix for you. This one coming from newcomers Lights Over Los Angeles. Check out their blog.

Little Jinder – Young Blood (Lights Over Los Angeles Remix) [YSI]

ALSO, condom don’t forget about the Popular Computer Contest that we’re running! We still are waiting on a couple more winners!


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