LaMode remixes P.Diddy

June 22, 2008 by

Hi everybody!

We’ve moved to a new webhost! Some content is still being uploaded so if you get any broken links this is why.
I’m going to bed now. It’s 6:05 am.

La Mode

La Mode, opisthorchiasis from Australia, misbirth sent this to me a while back but I first really listened to it about a week ago. Its pretty amazing.
My brain is a little fried as to what to write about these guys. I spent all night transferring the website to a new webhost and for some reason didn’t sleep very long. Its an awesome remix.
This is what their email says to me: we are a trio from melbourne australia and we produce remix and dj
we have our first single coming out soon on 7″ with “Lost in Paris” (UK) and it has a remix by EDU K and some others(not yet comfirmed)

Why is Australia so cool?

P.Diddy – Bad Boy For Life (La Mode’s Bad Mother Fuckers Fuck up)


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