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This Christmas marks our 2 year anniversary of throwing parties as Dance Robots, cialis 40mg Dance! What started as a little website to promote and sell electro music, and turned into a raging party machine. The first official DRD party was XMAS in 2005. Every party has been a blast, and we are proud to know that we are a staple in the US party scene. In the past we have always strived to go beyond our last guest DJ and party idea. This year will be no exception, as we continue to book up and coming DJs and the best music acts out there. To start off the next year, DANCE ROBOTS, DANCE! teams up with SOCIAL GROUP PRODUCTIONS as we give you our best Christmas party to date.

Photos by Beau Brand (

Hosted by:
Heidi Cannon of Trash Yourself!
Come welcome Heidi back home from NYC!! :D

Treasure Fingers (I Heart Comix Records// FUCK YESSS! // Atlanta, GA)
AKA The Enemy AKA Aj is nothing new to the dance music scene. As 1 third of Evol Intent he was voted to be the next 100 artist to watch in the April 2007 URB Magazine, toured the world, and worked with artist such as Dieselboy, DSL, and Technical Itch. Now with his new project as Treasure Fingers, he is blowing the Electro scene away with his remixes for Ocelot, Snowden, and Ferrgie, plus originals and a collaboration with our very own !Trash Yourself. His set at Robotic Wednesday over the summer proved he can handle the decks better than the best. CHECK OUT HIS SONGS ON THE PLAYER BELOW. WE PLAY THESE OUT ALL THE DAMN TIME.

B. (Dance Robots, Dance! // Norman, OK)
Not much is known about the oh so secretive B. As a cat loving half man half robot from the distant planet of B, he has come to do one thing: make you move. His skills are unmatched by any on this planet, and his half robot side knows what you are thinking before you think it.

John Bourke (Trash Yourself! // Dance Robots, Dance! // Oklahoma City, OK)
John and Heidi’s new Project Trash Yourself has become one of the biggest names on the blog house scene, being played in cities reaching the far corners of the planet. Some of the biggest names in electro are now spinning Trash Yourself in their DJ sets. Stay tuned for new TY tracks from John and Heidi ready to drop in the coming months!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (RadChit // Oklahoma City, OK)
As one half of the RadChit DJ team, Chitty is know as the most love-able man this side of the Mississippi. He runs the decks with style and grace of a man eating panda bear, and will stop for nothing till everyone is dancing.

Ed Crunk (Dance Robots, Dance! // Oklahoma City, OK)
Wise beyond his years… As the oldest member of DRD!, he has been spinning for over 15 years. Ed has continually grown with the electronic music scene, flowing with what was the hottest of the hot, before it was hot. He is known as the “Godfather of Oklahoma Dance Music” for a good reason.

Joshua Distance (Dance, Robots, Dance! // Oklahoma City, OK)
N N N Notoriously known for his rockstar like antics and skitzo dancing behind the decks and on the dance floor. Joshua is always searching for the next ear the blow out. So come with ear plugs or go home with hearing aids.

Dylan Mackey (Dance Robots, Dance! // Norman, OK)
Undoubtedly the wackiest bearddo in the world he has traveled the world with bands such as …Trail of the Dead, Deathklock, Man Man, MIA, Bright Eye, The Octopus Project. He plots the best parties, and plays the widest selection of music in his set. If you love it, he will play it.

DJ PHD (Postive Energy // Oklahoma City, OK)
Pish AKA PHD can be seen DJing many nights of the week around OKC, such as Hawaiian Don’s and Baker Street. This is one for the oldschoolers.

Ryan Reber (DRD // Oklahoma City, OK)
Beloved OKC DJ turned LA traitor. Come welcome Ryan home for the holidays.

Kill the noise

so i have been holding back on this post for about a month or so now, buy as i was going to put this in my mix before i released it on here. but as i never have time to finish my mix, remedy i’m just going to give you the greatness that is… Kill The Noise.

I don’t expect you to know who Kill the Noise is, doctor as he is rather new to the electro scene in terms of producing bangers. But I am hope’n you know his other Project: Ewun Tha Gun. You know the guy from this past years URB next 100 that is on Dieselboy’s Human Imprint. The guy that has toured the world along side Evol Intent (Treasure Fingers DnB crew, Also in URBs next 100) The Guy that is one half of Ludachrist. Yeah, that guy. So with all that being said, Jake is hot shit, and he keeps all his project top notch. Ocelot just pick his remix of Lo Sforzo(the stress) as a runner up in their remix contest (fucking sick bassline!). He has 2 originals on his myspace. Here is his remix of Thieves Like Us’ song Drugs in my Body….

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body (Kill The Noise RMX)

While i’m on the Drugs in my Body kick, here is Designer Drugs mix of the song.
Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body (Designer Drugs RMX)

speaking of Designer Drugs, Michael will of DD will be in town with us tonight on his way to Mexico. Dude is way dope, and I can’t wait to party down with him. Both of his mixtapes are the shit, and keep me going at work. Plus he has totally awesome glasses…�


(ps this one takes the cake for the most links…)


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