Texas Dance Club Massacre Part 1: If you don’t dance, you hate your parents.

October 2, 2007 by

Creepy animal head bikers

I’m stuck out of town for work this week. If anyone know what there is to do in Ft. Smith, stomatology Ak please message me. So as I sit in my shitty little days inn room, nurse I’m going to start writing for B like I told him I would.

The Secret Handshake album came out last week and I’m pretty stoked about that. Luis is an awesome guy, hygiene and makes really good music. Now I know it is a bit “emo” or whatever, but really the dude knows what he is doing. I got the chance to tour with TSH about a year ago, and had the time of my life on that trip. We played a in girls backyard for her birthday, and three days later we were making a music video.

The Secret Handshake – Everyone Knows Everyone

Also, here is the video for “Summer Of 98”


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