Plus Move

September 11, 2007 by

Plus Move

Before I went on my mini rant on the new fad of dance music early this morning I was going to make this post. If you read the last post, approved I still said I enjoy the music. It’s just getting to be too much. This song is pretty epic though. It’s almost if they wrote it to be the perfect intro track for a DJs set. That late night set where everyone is in that perfect state of drunk and no matter what goes on they will have a 87% chance of dancing… you can always make a wrong choice and ruin the dance floor.

Plus Move is actually rocking it here in the states. No french boys here. You may recognize their name from the remixes they’ve done for Justice, Kavinsky, The Glamour and more. Just imaging the lights dropping down and this track starting up then WHAM! Discotheque madness!

Plus Move – Boss


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