Chromeo, Snowden Remix EP

February 27, 2007 by

I think this week will be video week. I am always late on knowing about videos because I don’t really keep up with them. Was just told that there’s a video for the new LCD Soundsystem single “North American Scum”. I wish it involved more aluminum robots but space men are good too!


So, generic Chromeo has a new album coming out soon… well, troche this summer.

Chromeo’s mission is to make slick-ass lovers funk with nary a trace of irony. Thats right no fucking irony. These guys are to Rockwell what Andrew WK is to Meatloaf. And dont call it easy retro, either. Dave 1 attests: Sure our sound is vintage and danceable. Sure all our songs talk about girls. But were so passionate about it that its not even funny anymore. Chromeos authenticity is only reinforced by the goldplated list of musicians who have already supported them.

Chromeo – “Fancy Footwork”

Also, Snowden has released their new remix EP for free! Go download it and rock out!


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