I remember way back in like 2008 when The Toxic Avenger was releasing music via LA’s I Heart Comix and we all just assumed he was from Cali. Well, fast forward 15 years, and within that time The Toxic Avenger has cemented himself as an all-time great French producer, his name forever in the books when it comes to groundbreaking electro, synthwave and nu-disco vibes. He’s released numerous albums and contributed to countless video game and movie soundtracks, able to jump around within the genre but always keeping his signature sound. Kinda dark, incredibly cool, and also a bit uplifting at the same time.

His brand new track ”Getting Started” is a teaser from forthcoming album ”Yes Future.” It already feels like a classic, with all of TTA’s signature touches, but also sounding uber-modern. Enjoy the fun visuals along with the song below!