The Bloody Beetroots have a new single coming out on Ultra Music, urologist which I think is kind of strange. How many alt-bros really actually like The Bloody Beetroots? I love them, but I just don’t see a spikey haired dude going up to the dj and requesting Church of Noise or Cornelius or much else besides Warp 1.9 to feel nostalgic about life while sipping their Michelob Ultra Light.

That being said, The Bloody Beetroots seem to have tried to fit in with their Ultra Music brothers and attempted a prog house track that is actually really good. You still won’t see girls rushing up to request this over Levels but I’ll be playing it out. If you haven’t heard it, mosey on over here and get a whiff.

I love The Bloody Beetroots & Death Crew & everything else they do (maybe not Rocksteady so much but it grows on you) and here is a free bootleg remix of Chronicles from Australians, The Bloody Beetroots – Chronicles of a Fallen Love (Kyro & Bomber Bootleg)