Pretty Sister & MarcLo – Poolside Vibe

Pretty Sister and MarcLo have teamed up for what can be only described as a lush, funky jam. “Poolside Vibe” is the perfect name to match the huge wavy synths and smooth vocals. We hope to see these two collaborate again soon, but for now this single is more than enough.

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Pretty Sister – Kingdom in the Valley

We’re really digging Pretty Sister’s new vibe on “Kingdom in the Valley.” It’s been a while since we’ve heard their new material, but so glad we didn’t miss the new single. It’s dance-readiness and pop-sensibilities are off the chart. Just listen to it below and it’s guaranteed you’ll get down.

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SIRMA – Free Fall (Pretty Sister Remix)

Pretty Sister’s flip of “Free Fall” might be our favorite remix by the electronic outfit yet. SIRMA’s pop style and floaty chilled-out voice are a rock solid foundation for Pretty Sister to work off of. But you just have to listen for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This find is a real treat.

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Pretty Sister & Dragonette Ft. Tobtok – Galactic Appeal

“Galactic Appeal” is the latest from Dragonette, a project I’ve really been digging. With the help of Pretty Sister and a feature by Tobtok these guys take you on a grooving adventure. If you need a pick-me-up look no further!

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LDN Noise + Pretty Sister

The up and coming producer, LDN NOISE just dropped a wild song with the singer-songwriter, Pretty Sister. It begins with a slower build up that features some excellent lyrics. One of my favorite lines is “Throwing all my tears away.” But you can’t imagine what comes after until you hear the breakdown for yourself. Enjoy!