Thursday, Yes!

Thursday, Yes!

Its finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for, Thursday! Put your party hats on; the weekend is almost here, so get ready peeps. Here are some bangers that’ll make the weekend that much better.

Y E S S I R.

Thursday Hangover

Thursday Hangover

Thursdays are my Mondays. These tracks are curing my hangover.

The Golden Pony + Passion Pit

With there latest reworking, visit The Golden Pony “Carries Away” the uber-cheerful sounds of Passion Pit’s original track, psychiatrist creating a darker, sexier dance vibe. PP’s lead singer/songwriter MIcahel Angelako’s vocals are as crisp and clear as ever, and with the help of TGP’s swanky disco grooves you cant help but add this one to […]

Party Time, Excellent!

It’s another Wednesday! Yayyyy! Tonight we have special guests Will Bailey & Skitsnygg along with everyone’s favorite resident DJs, opisthorchiasis Kids At The Bar, Crystal Vision, Ed Crunk & Gosteffects! Party in OKC tonight! Here’s two free Will Bailey tracks + a few other treats to get you through the day! Will Bailey – Kata […]

Plus Move

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to some Plus Move and am excited about their new EP that’s coming out soon. July 13th, site to be exact. Plus Move got everyone’s attention when they leaked their bootleg remix of Justice’s funk-squelch anthem “D.A.N.C.E” to some of their favorite music blogs back in the summer […]

Welcome December!

Hello there, approved December. You snuck up on me pretty quick. We’ve had a great year of music on the blog and I’m ready to see what comes next year! Here are 4 tracks that I just wanted to share with you without highlighting any specific one. Happy Tuesday! Zoot Woman – We Won’t Break […]

Bubblegum Sci Fi

Funny Pictures of Cats and Kittens I’m not too familiar with Bubblegum Sci Fi. To tell you the truth, prescription tonight was the first I’ve heard of them when this track showed up in my inbox. I had to post it tonight because it’s terrible. I mean… it’s awesome! Seriously though, I really like this […]

M M M Monday Megapost!!!

Way Down (Dan Sena Remix) Im back, traumatologist and I have a whole lot of catching up to do! Instead of putting in the work to actually write about anything, mind Im going to just post all the good tracks Ive gotten for the last month or so with a little blurb or something and […]


for the longest time Oakland club destroyer, shop Wallpaper. have been putting together quite the resume over the past year after remixing Jamie Lidell, decease Passion Pit, see The Submarines, Restiform Bodies, and You Say Party! We Say Die!. Today, they just add to that resume with their remix of Das Racist‘s “Combination Pizza Hut […]