Goldwash – Separate

April 13, 2016 by Seth Winkler

Goldwash has done it again. He seems to be creating innovative and just great music, and I’m 100% about that. “Separate” gives the listener an uplifting feeling by combining soul, jazz, electronic, and the Baltimore native’s Exsistential funk.



February 29, 2016 by Seth Winkler

I have had close tabs on Goldwash for sometime now and he’s really blossomed as 2016’s unfolded. With his funky debut, “But U Know” he demonstrated his ability to write a dance anthem, and now we’re shown his versatility. “Need To Hear” incorporates water sounds and bouncy rhythms that make me want to groove out.


Goldwash – Malady

February 6, 2016 by Seth Winkler

Talk about vibes… “Malady” exemplifies the direction of modern music I’m looking for. The meaningful songwriting and intricate synth work soothes my ears.


Goldwash – But U Won’t

January 15, 2016 by Seth Winkler

After a typical day of perusing through my SoundCloud stream, I stumbled upon this gem titled “But U Won’t” by Goldwash. And let me tell you these synths are jivey. Stream below.