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Izzy Vadim – Swamp EP

One of Canada’s dubstep prodigies in Izzy Vadim has returned to Kannibalen Records with his two-track Swamp EP. If you’re into heavier bass music, this rhythmic treat is going to go down easy. The first track “Hello” is a riddim-friendly feast while “Swamp” is just a good old dirty, dirty record. Get ready to rage […]

RUVLO – Chaos EP

New York producer RUVLO gets dirty for his debut EP Chaos that was recently dropped on Kannibalen Records. The 3 song project features AfterMyFall as well as a BIG collaboration with CRANKDAT on “Rage Cage” that will surely make its way to all headbanger playlists. All three tracks are dope if you’re into some gritty […]

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Kai Wachi – SKINS EP

Kai Wachi has recently come out with his biggest EP to date SKINS that might also be his best. The 8-track EP showcases his more emotional side for dynamic records that absolutely SLAP. There’s incredible features on this one too with vocalists like RUNN, Lexi Norton, Nina Sung, YMIR and more.


Danny Olson – Club Cinema EP

After the release of two big singles, Danny Olson’s full Club Cinema EP is finally here. With roots in the cinematic and orchestral, this genre-bending EP pairs the classical sounds with uniquely designed trap, future and hip-hop styles. Willing to bet a few of these will be heard in movie trailers very soon.

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okaywill – The Journey

“The Journey” comes straight from okawill’s ‘Falling for You’ EP. It comes in to bat as the third song on the album and it might be our favorite one. The minimalism that’s used so expertly is paired with a retro  analog sound in the synth. The combo is something special for sure, enjoy.


Draeden – Conquest EP

Montreal’s cinematic bass warrior Draeden has released his debut EP, Conquest, on Kannibalen Records. The concept project is broken up into four parts showing off Draeden’s signature sound that blends classical composition with bass and elements of cyberpunk and sci-fi.

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[Album] Josu Mämmi – Planning The Sale EP

It’s always nice to discover some fresh techno cuts neatly packed into an EP. Finnish artist Josu Mämmi’s production style on ‘Planning The Sale’ has a driving analogue sound that gives it just enough warmth and crunch. Each song flows smoothly into the next and you’ll find yourself having gone from front to back in no time. […]

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Violet Rose – Plastic EP

Violet Rose is gaining a lot of attention with her new ‘Plastic’ EP. Each song has a unique vibe with countless layers to dissect. Making it sound better and bettter on each pass. Overall the album is so relaxing and at the same time stays very interesting. The modern electronic elements are woven together with […]

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KAIXEN – LoveCraze EP

The other day we were graced with three tracks of washed-out genre bending bliss. It’s all part of KAIXEN’s EP “LoveCraze” that will have you listing front to back in no time. “Let Go” sets the mood and before you know it you hearing the key vocal samples in the outro “Soul Searching” where LoveCraze comes […]