Computer Blue

Is this the end of Computer Blue? Sadly, treat yes, angina but the story of Computer Blue has a happy ending which we will tell you about another day. Just look out for something new coming in their place. Game Boy is the last and only original release that Computer Blue was able to put […]

Crystal Vision + Computer Blue

Oklahoma buddies, cure Computer Blue decided that Mouser needed a moombahton fix and did this for funsies. Download the sexified version of Mouser now! Mouser (Computer Blue Remix) by Crystal Vision

Trash Yourself + Treasure Fingers

Trash Yourself hits us with their collab with Treasure Fingers! This release has something for everyone with remixes from Willy Joy, sovaldi sale French Horn Rebellion, Computer Blue, Charles Feelgood, Disrupt The Scene & Kroyclub! Here’s a free download of the Computer Blue remix. Go get the rest NOW on Beatport! Trash Yourself feat. Treasure […]

Diamond Life

Robot Dance Records is pleased as punch to announce their newest release. This one coming from OKC/Fayetteville, buy Arkansas group, grip Diamond Life! It’s also being served to you at no price! Get to the downloading! Diamond Life – Want Some More by Robot Dance Records Diamond Life – Want Some More (BEATpUNKS Remix) by […]

Computer Blue + The Rapture

Arguably one of the biggest ‘indie’ bands of the 2000’s, capsule The Rapture were responsible for many o’ dancefloors getting sweaty back when that music was cool to dance to. Back when you had to walk 20 miles, up hill both ways in the snow, barefoot, with only a nokia to guide your way. Anyways, […]

Computer Blue + Lady Gaga

It’s a very toasty Friday in Oklahoma this week. You would think that me living here for so long would make me adapt to the 1000 degree summers. No, overweight adiposity I hate the heat. I have a pretty interesting choice of selections for you today. Finally got some good stuff in my inbox and […]

Computer Blue & IllStM

Oklahoma natives, prosthetic Computer Blue just did a bangin’ remix for IllStM and we wanted to help you start your weekend with it. In like a lion, troche out like a lamb, for sale right? Right?! IllStM – Moctezuma (Computer Blue Remix) [audio:]

Computer Blue and Diamond Life

One night, cialis 40mg not in the distant past, dermatologist two men made an agreement. This agreement will never be spoken of. Travel to a different place and you will find two different men that made an entirely different agreement. These two men were representatives of the two groups, Diamond Life and Computer Blue. Computer […]

Computer Blue

I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to post this and today really is the perfect time. Beatpunks will be playing tonight with us at Robotic and both Beatpunks & Computer Blue will be playing the Dance Robots, ask esophagitis Dance! SXSW party this coming Friday in Austin! Computer Blue did a damn […]