Natalie Carr is a new name to the world of indie R&B, but not for long. “All My Plants Are Dead” is a smart, sassy, introspective record that oozes awareness and quality songwriting. The production is smooth and has a 90’s throwback vibe, while Natalie lets loose with honest observations about her life.

Natalie said of the song: “The song speaks to the current and bizarre dating landscape that most people in their twenties can relate to. It seems that as soon as someone is in your life, they exit just as quickly. Not only do we often get treated as replaceable, but we tend to perceive others in a similar light. The motif of plants dying via not giving them attention expands to said relationships. Lyrics of the song that best convey this overarching theme include, “falling in love for five whole minutes // convincing everyone you’re not terrified in it,” and “when it all falls down // when it all goes south // my type is anyone that sticks around”