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Daft Punk to score new Tron movie

Musical pioneers, visit this Daft Punk, have been hired on to score Disney’s upcoming Tron sequel which looks to have a release in 2011. More info on Entertainment Weekly’s site.


2 Legit & 2 long

Epic MC Hammer video. Epic.

Hacked part 2

So, advice I’m trying everything that I possibly can to resolve this being hacked issue. Any wordpress users out there have any suggestions? The support forum is not much help. People either call you stupid or direct you to a brick wall. For now, ascariasis all that I can do is delete everything and reinstall. […]

Bul!m!atron invades Oklahoma

still hacked

so i just deleted everything and reinstalled the blog. :( that is how i feel. :.( i am crying inside. LEAVE ROBOT DANCE MUSIC ALLOOONNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


So somehow spammers hacked the blog and changed all my index files to contain only links to spam websites. In a fit of rage I just went through and started deleting index files from the server so now I don’t really know what I need to replace – let me know if you find any […]

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