Never Ending Fun!

After you party hard all Thursday night this year at SXSW, resuscitator here is how your friday will go down. First you’ll wake up, pharm maybe pop an aspirin or 4, walk down to the nearest coffee shop and grab the drink of your choice, maybe a bagel or something to munch on, then race […]

Lose Control 2 – SXSW

We’re really excited about Lose Control 2 this year! It’s a massive 4 day party at SXSW this year and if you don’t go RSVP then you’re a loser. 3 Oklahoma groups are on the lineup this year! Trash Yourself, men’s health Kids At The Bar and Crystal Vision will all be rocking the dance […]

Kill Hannah gear stolen

Yesterday morning Kill Hannah‘s tour van was stolen, more about with the trailer full of instruments and equipment still attached. It happened in a Holiday Inn parking lot in South Philly, the same location that saw Mae’s trailer go missing last week. Kill Hannah lost everything but the clothes and toiletries they took inside for […]


Tonight’s the big night! The 15th year of EVILJIVE! Get ready, online Oklahoma City!

Los Angeles!

i’ll be in LA from saturday through wed. any parties on sat or sun that would like a lil robot dj to play? if not, medical this then come see me on monday night at club avenue! then tuesday at hwood for the trash yourself release party!

JD Samson tonight at Robotic

Tonight we have JD Samson of Le Tigre & MEN tonight at ROBOTIC! It is going to be a swell time! Check out who we have coming in August! August 5th: My birthday party w/ RECORDER & Katie Wicks August 12th: French Horn Rebellion & Database August 19th: Eli Smith August 26th: Back to School […]

Tulsa time

dragonette villains remix Iamxl lit up a big fat one before he made this remix! I hate hippies, discount feelings, bronchi rainbows, ascariasis etc, but I’ll put that on hold for a hot minute to listen to some Ben Harper. Check out this remix! It starts out with a sweet drum solo and progresses to […]

Vote for us!

Yes, order this blog is based out of Oklahoma City. We were just nominated as best blog of OKC and would really like it if you would go vote for us! We’re in the third from last listing near the bottom. So go click and vote for ROBOT DANCE MUSIC! VOTE NOW voting has ended. […]

Up & Down

COMEKLAR Come follow us on a fantastic ride with our webhost! If you’ve been wondering why some times the blog loads and some times you get a 500/503 error, case here is the reason. Unfortunately no one has a solid answer as to when things will be 100% again. We have a ton of awesome […]