The Moon Goons

The Moon Goons finally release a track! Yay! I guess it takes a while when all you do is party. And they know how to party The Moon Goons – Acid Party House [audio:]

So many pictures, so many parties

go check out all the pix of us partying with the moongoons so much robot + moongoon love has happened in the past two weeks! sxsw + okc + norman + minneapolis + chicago!oh my! Photos Here:

Moon Goons Love

  Automatic Panic only improves year after year. These current tracks see the addition of DJ Cat NYC on vocals. He’s also been working with the DJs Are Not Rockstars crew. Electro producer and Dj, migraine released ” Hyper Space” on vinyl in 2006, since that time I have re-mixed many artist and have had […]