Spragga Benz – Spread Out (feat Hype and Fever)

Jamaica’s Spragga Benz has teamed up with Hype and Fever for a huge single “Spread Out.” It’s dancehall music done right with insane bars and lyrics flowing on top. A lot of time in electronic or dance music the production drives, but here is a rare listen where pure, heavy vocals take the lead and make it […]

snowblind the remixes cover v2

AU5 Snowblind Remixes

Snowblind has an air of success about it already. Combine the original mix with fresh ears of new/rising artists and you create a masterpiece. Compiling them into an original EP package brings the works of art to the fans.

Today is Wednesday or as i like to call it Winsday, the day of winners

Hey! It’s Wednesday! My favorite day of the week for the past 7 years. Here’s a mix of different tracks from different genres because you can’t just stick to one genre. Learn to enjoy all kinds of music. We’re starting off with a little bit of french-type house and ending with some bass music Mr. […]

Rule of Eight Free EP

On his fucking birthday of all days, cialis 40mg Rule Of Eight is blessing Teenage Riot Records and all of you people with a FREE EP!!! This one is just dirtier than a big bag of hookers. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!