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Thief was born when Sydney artist PJ Wolf traded in his guitars for synthesizers. Thief’s early demos found their way on to the internet and within weeks the blogosphere was alight with talk of this new Australian pop talent. Since his emergence as Thief, PJ has crafted a fresh minimalist sound rivalling the likes of contemporaries such as Metronomy, Miike Snow and Frank Ocean.


The Bingo Players

Sadly, Paul Bäumer from The Bingo Players passed away yesterday. Cancer sucks. If you have any kind words to say, head to The Bingo Players facebook page.

Here’s a few select Bingo Players tracks + 2 cool tracks that were submitted to me for you to love

thursday cat basket

Mixed Bag of Goodies

While going through emails for this post I heard a snap and looked down and saw that my MacBook’s track pad had cracked. I forgot these things were made of glass and have never seen this before. At least it’s still working, I guess.

Here’s a bunch of nice music to listen to. Have a happy Thursday evening. The weekend is almost here.


Hey, It’s Wednesday!

Hey, look, it’s Wednesday! Party on! I have a big list of dope tracks for you down there to download. I also have a dope video for you to check out of my favorite party in the country, ROBOTIC, which you can find me at tonight!

cat in snow

Winter Wonderland

Look at all these cool songs I have to share with you tonight! That’s about all I can type right now because I have a cat that won’t stop begging for attention at the moment.

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It’s Wednesday!

Every time I make a post on a Wednesday of course I have to mention that it’s my favorite day of the week. Duh. If you’re in Oklahoma, make the trip to OKC for Robotic Wednesdays! The best party ever.

Here’s 6 wonderful tracks to help you help me celebrate this chilly Wednesday!

The Fire mailer

French Horn Rebellion + Savoir Adore

It’s no secret that I love French Horn Rebellion. I’ve been a fan of theirs since like 2k8. No biggie. I’ll post pretty much anything they send over to me.

It’s really foggy in Oklahoma and this song fits pretty well with that mood.

Night Drive + Goldroom

“Heaven fell into my ears with this song” was a great quote that pretty much sums up how I feel about this new Night Drive remix of Goldroom’s Embrace. Night Drive is helping to bring back some soul into the EDM world. Both Goldroom & Night Drive make me excited about the future of dance […]

Carlos Cancela

Fresh from the oven, condom Carlos Cancela‘s newest single & first release on Robot Dance Records hits the internet today! It’s a free download on Carlos’ soundcloud but it’s also available in all major stores if you like to support great artists and great music!