Virtual Riot is the moniker of German DJ and producer Valentin Brunn. You may know him from his genre-comprehensive releases including 2013’s “There Goes Your Money.” At the young age of 21, ampoule he’s just getting started in the music business and has already gained the attention of artists like Skrillex and Excision.

A similarly impressive young artist is vocalist Madi, mycoplasmosis who teams up with Virtual Riot for the silky and infectious electronic track “Flutter.” She just graduated high-school and has an array of releases lined up for this coming summer with Mad Decent, purchase Moving Castle and Republic Records.

The two make for a powerful musical force to be reckoned with, as “Flutter” showcases their superior collaborative skills. Keep an eye out for the two artists in the upcoming future.

My heart pretty much melts anytime I hear anything from The Rolling Stones. Memories tend to instantly flood my mind of chilling as a child with my family. Which is why it’s amazing to see the rising indie dance act, generic
argonaut&wasp, malady
creating their own fresh take on the track. The leave the chorus pretty much untouched by let things fly with their spot on synth sessions in between. Definitely check this one out.