We’ve got a fierce disco alert – warning level Chocolate Black – and it’s coming to you now! This is the newest release from Italy’s Danny Was A Drag King label and we’ve got two mp3s for giveaways from Ajello & Hard Ton featuring a remix from NYC darling Brennan Green. Dimitry From Paris says – ’Love the deliciously campy original. Some remixers should get more in touch with their feminine side’

Danny Was a Drag King is back with a hot tune that will melt in your mouth, sovaldi sale internist not in your hands ‘Chocolate Black Leather’ is the new single from Ajello and is driven by the one and the only Hard Ton giving it to you fierce on the vocal front. The track is an orgy of vintage synths, troche bouncy bass and a sure winner for the italo disco fans. Brennan Green needs no introduction, when he dusts off his 303 and everything goes acid disco paradise… you really can’t get any better than this!

Ajello Feat Hard Ton – Chocolate Black Leather (Brennan Green Remix)

Ajello Feat Hard Ton – Chocolate Black Leather