DYLVN – Feels Like Lucy

September 15, 2022 by

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching DYLVN mature as an artist, dabbling in everything from hiphop and R&B, to rock, to folk, and now settling into a sort of singer-songwriter on ”Feel Like Lucy.” DYLVN absolutely let’s it all hang out on the massive chorus, showing off major league vocal skills that also come with an endearing slight strain in his voice. It only just makes the song feel that much more relatable. The song is honest, compelling, and filled with songwriting that truly resonates.

DYLVN explains:  “‘Feels like Lucy’ is about the strong companionship you develop with someone you love. Far beyond the intimacy, you know it’s never going to be possible to move on from the memories and other great friendships you’ve developed because of this relationship. You step back and realize it can never work for good reasons… and if all they can give is their friendship you accept that because you care about them so much. What’s the perfect girl if it’s not the perfect time.”


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