Blue Of Colors – Strange Place

August 5, 2022 by

This one is a bit different from what we normally post here, but the vibe on Blue Of Colors debut single ”Strange Place” is too good to overlook. With a vintage garage rock sound similar to The Strokes but a vocal style all their own, this is a super refreshing breath of fresh air and a bold move for Blue Of Colors. Much of the album was produced by Miniature Tigers’ Charlie Brand and the polish shines brightly.

Blue Of Colors discusses ”Strange Place”:

“While this song sounds nothing like The Doors, their song ‘People Are Strange’ connected in my brain the concept of strangeness to the sound of an E minor chord. Sometimes one song idea can be a door to the rest of a fruitful batch of songs. ‘Strange Place’ was one of those songs.”

Stream below and check for the video next week.


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