Natalie Carr – Wasted Potential

July 22, 2022 by

Another single for Natalie Carr, another song that sounds like a hit. ”Wasted Potential” is a tongue-in-cheek, knowingly self-deprecating look at becoming an adult. It’s a song anyone over 18 can relate to, and the adorable video captures the vibe perfectly. Natalie explains:

“I wrote ‘Wasted Potential’ about no longer caring about living up to society’s expectations through the lens of a dysfunctional relationship. In the hook I write, ‘we’ll always be broke and we’ll always be late, I’m a piece of s*** without a 401k.’ It’s a playful take on making people upset whose opinions probably shouldn’t matter in the first place (I.e. people you knew ten years ago, your ex-boyfriend’s mom, etc.). I’ve had an unconventional life and path and one of the things I’ve always believed is that you’ll never have the time back to take risks and chances. This song is my ‘don’t play it safe’ anthem. I want people in their twenties to hear this song and feel validated if they don’t have their s*** together.”

Go waste some of your potential by spending some time playing this video over and over again. It’s well worth it.


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