MANAWARI – Apophenia

May 27, 2022 by

Manawari have delivered a beauty of a track – an instrumental journey through sound. Full of soft melodies built around a consistent guitar riff along with well-timed vocal chops, “Apophenia” is a true joy to listen to. The theme is very well-intentioned as well as MANAWARI explains:

“We practice faith and spirituality with MANAWARI; as such, we know that the universe works in a mysterious and abundant way. So with “Apophenia,” we aimed to share how magical it feels when we passionately express ourselves as musicians. From demo to final master, this record evolved significantly into the version we have today. The various stories, emotions, and past experiences that shaped “Apophenia” make us smile and feel good, so we truly hope this also resonates with our listeners.”


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