The Two Fake Blondes – Song For When Ur Saddd (Deadman Remix)

April 22, 2022 by

Deadman remixes a track off of The Two Fake Blondes album “Out Of The Darkness.” This track in particular is called “Song For When Ur Saddd,” and as Deadman poignantly mentions, the song and especially this remix are the perfect remedy for a Saddd mood:

This remix is special to me. I often use music as a way to process life, and wrote this remix at a time when I was feeling very sad. So, I focused all of that emotion and tried to create the happiest sounding ‘smiley face energy’ of a song that I could. Making this remix helped me find a smile again, and I hope it does the same for everyone that hears it 100 times over. After all, it is a song for when you’re sad!

Blast this all the way through weekend and make it a happy one!


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