finji – ygb

February 2, 2022 by

“When making music, everything comes from processing thoughts that keep the mind busy. Often these thoughts are about my personal relationship to people, ideas and beliefs. When this comes together, it’s confusing and often contrary. Yellow Green Blue oscillates a wavy path between all of these thoughts. From love, to fear, to wishes, to change. We want to be loved and happy and in that sense we can be selfish sometimes, which can reduce the time and care we allocate to solving actual issues around us. We’re often too busy with ourselves. We should try to understand that all things should be treated with equal respect, even stones in the mountains on the paths we walk. Everything is connected and the only way is to start reflecting on and understanding what is truly important: something no one can teach us. We need to stop living old thoughts, thoughts of others and then start to think for ourselves. Yellow Green Blue is a non-linear story of expressing these thoughts.” – finji


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