Common Criminal – Torn

January 2, 2021 by

Common Criminal is a new side project by Dedric Clark, the lead singer of the Rise Records signee, Social Animals. He recently released an emotion invoked and modern cover of the 1997 smash hit “Torn” originally by Natalie Imbruglia. The release also comes paired with a stylistically made black and white visual featuring Sydney Amanuel dancing to the Common Criminal cut.  Listen and watch the cover now below!

There are more similarities than there are differences between a touring musician and a common criminal. I‘ve always said that without music, my existence would likely boil down to the latter. Maybe you’ve heard, but there is currently a worldwide pandemic that has made touring physically impossible. Unfortunately for me, it has also made being a criminal much more difficult as well. But rather than prove myself wrong, I have decided to start Common Criminal, a project where I can release whatever the fuck I want. I’m tired of waiting around for something to tour on. I want to remember that I’m a musician every now and then. Now I can.” 



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