JohnnyBgood – 1UP

January 30, 2020 by

Lo-fi and Electro-pop producer, JohnnyBgood, kicks off the new year by releasing his first ever EP “1UP”. The 5-track-project was made entirely via Johnny’s favorite piece of musical gear, the OP-1 (a stand alone synth, sampler, sequencer, and looper).

This was his first experience actually using a producer as opposed to producing his own work. It was like letting somebody else take the wheel for the first time, and he couldn’t have been more excited. Johnny and Tony Esterly made the whole EP in three days with Johnny just vibing out throwing beats and loops to Tony as he would track, edit and chop everything in Ableton and make sense of it all. The result of this collaboration is a “groovey, glitchy, Nintendo-meets-beats vibe,” as Johnny would say. Listen in below now!




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