Rainer Grimm Tempted ARTWORK

Rainer + Grimm – Tempted

The Toronto-based producers Rainer + Grimm just released a new song, “Tempted.” It’s a deep cut with a driving beat and slow evolving melodic ideas. All while a vocal part pushes the sound forward, keeping things unexpected and interesting. Check out the stream below and we’ll have an eye out for what they do next.

Karman Line art preview 1

Anna Ross – Karman Line

Anna Ross has become a familiar name to us and when we heard her new song “Karman Line” we had to share it. There’s crisp production and a few distinct sections that flow together effortlessly. And it’s all topped off with a strong vocal hook. So if you haven’t heard of her, get to know […]



Azad keeps it real on this new song “MOTTOLA. “ Releasing music out of LA for a minute, he seems to know his way around the city’s music scene. His lyrics hint at some insight into that world and how his music and personal journey fit into it. But listen up for yourself, there’s a […]