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jerry folk futura

Jerry Folk is a disco house artist from Norway that I just got introduced to and now I’m wishing I had found him earlier. I was just talking to a friend about how we haven’t been hearing much good disco house lately and I think I found where it all is!

The weather here has been pretty perfect and Jerry Folk’s music works perfectly with my mood. Now I wish that I had a convertible to roll around in and bump his entire soundcloud account.

His track Futura is so brand new that the soundcloud page says it was uploaded less than an hour ago for me. If you want the newest of new jams, herbal grab this right now and make your friends jelly that you’ve got the new heat!

Here’s a few of Jerry Folk’s older jams

purity ring mnynms

MNYNMS (pronounced “Many Names”) formed in late 2014 and has turned 2015 into their breakout year. The Houston based electronic duo, obesity
Jessica Wahlquist and Jacob Childs, have released a handful of notable remixes and remakes this year, and the two are following up with another hit again on July 28th with their brand new remix of Purity Ring’s beloved track “Belispeak”

If you thought you loved “Belispeak” as an original, just wait until MNYNMS shows you what they’ve got up their sleeve. Driven by fluid synths and organic artistry, the duo delivers a finely crafted remix that gives Purity Ring a run for their money. Demonstrating a confidence across the spectrum of genres, MNYNMS has constructed an impressive remix of electronic productions, gripping synth work, and dynamic vocal edits. Your support would be greatly appreciated as MNYNMS builds momentum for an even bigger second half of the year.

Next month, the pair will be performing alongside The New Division in Los Angeles on August 7th. By Fall, MNYNMS will be releasing a THE PROJECTION SERIES with Detroit Underground, and they will also be providing vocals for FM Attack on an upcoming album expected out later this year. But you can expect an EP directly from MNYNMS later this year, so stay tuned.

Back in April, MNYNMS played their first show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn with Broken Luxury and Teeel, having actually made an official remix for the latter. Kick Kick Snare described the remix as “melancholic yet wholly romantic, like a solitary voyage through some distant galaxy in search of a lost love”:

And the popular music platform Discobelle premiered the duo’s more recent remake of Crystal Castle’s “Not In Love” in May and had only great things to say of how MNYNMS transformed the track into their own “cascading, down-beat version”:


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