Must Die! + Bro Safari

Must Die! just released this massive remix of Bro Safari’s The Drop today! Hello, symptoms Monday! Bro Safari – The Drop (MUST DIE! Remix) [audio:!%20Remix)%20(1).mp3]

Friday in Oklahoma

I’m sleepy, order a little sick from being worn out thanks to SXSW, cure it’s cold, I’m hungry… etc, etc. It’s almost the weekend though! Here’s 3 new tracks from some fellow Oklahomans – Rule of Eight, Daniel Rockwell & Gosteffects – that you should snatch up for your weekend pleasures. Acid Jacks & Rule […]

Kids At The Bar

It’s my favorite date of the week! Wednesday! If you don’t know why, pharm it’s because it’s Robotic Wednesday! Tonight we have special guests FIGURE & The Bolivian Marchine Affair! Here’s a couple awesome songs to help you wake up and get your day started. I know you all slept in today. Two Door Cinema […]