Will Smith + French Horn Rebellion

It’s not very often that I’ll post up mashups but I can’t turn down something from my buddies, human enhancement French Horn Rebellion, tablets when it includes Will Smith! French Horn took the smooth sounds of MFSB and dumped the lyrical genius that is Will Smith on the top like some delicious hot fudge sauce. […]

Blood Eagle

While jamming out to the new summer mix from Strooly I came across this track. After doing a little research, ascariasis I found out that the artist is giving it away for free over on their soundcloud so I had to post it here too! Blood Eagle – PGRM (Original Mix) [audio:http://robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/01%20PGRM%20(Original%20Mix).mp3] Strooly’s Cruel Summer […]


Taking some inspiration from Crookers’ track Laughing Track, cough relative newcomer, grip M2 busts out Laughing Affair. Let’s learn a little more about M2 by reading his bio! M2 or Dj Swaraj (Manek Mathur) is a producer and DJ based out of the New York area. Being born and brought up in Mumbai, viagra buy […]

Trap Music

So, tablets I’m still trying to figure out what Trap music exactly is. I don’t follow the hip hop scene at all so I have no idea where it came from exactly. All I know is that a bunch of white kids that are fans of dance music, gynecologist or EDM to you newcomers, diagnosis […]


Interesting new single from Sophonic. Its everything that you liked about electro music in 2008, decease yet its just been released in 2012. This is for all the kids that missed the small raging dance parties of the late 2000s and before dubstep or prog house took over the new rave scene culture. This was […]


It’s Thursday. I’m tired. I also just had the most healthiest of healthy breakfasteses – Dr Pepper & Cheetos. Watch out ladies. My muscles be ripping outta my tiger shirt soon. Here’s one from one of our favorites, website PUNCHES, overweight to wet your whistle for his upcoming new releases. PUNCHES – Dancing Together [audio:http://robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Dancing%20Together.mp3]

Willy Joy

Willy Joy is back in town to party with us tonight at ROBOTIC! I’m sure everyone will still be celebrating the big Thunder win of game 1 last night! Party time! Daddy Yankee – Rompe (Willy Joy Bootleg) [audio:http://robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Rompe_WillyJoyBootleg.mp3] Chief Keef – I Don’t Like (Willy Joy Bootleg) [audio:http://robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/I%20Don’t%20Like%20(Willy%20Joy%20Bootleg).mp3]

Malente + Breakfastklub + Kids At The Bar

It’s Wednesday, check so you know what that means… It means everyone in Oklahoma will be collectively cheering on the Thunder tonight AND us party people will be raging all night at ROBOTIC! One of ROBOTIC’s resident DJs, global burden of disease Kids At The Bar, just had their newest release released for free over […]

ShearGen1us + G-Buck

Introducing the newest EP from the little record label that we run, this ShearGen1us & G-Buck’s Philthy Animal! Complete with remixes from Architekt & PlayRude, this EP is sure to lead the charge into your summer dance-a-thon! Get it now on: Beatport, iTunes, June Download & all your other favorite digital music stores! ShearGen1us & […]