Christian Strobe

After his blog-mega-hyped remixes of M83 & Arcade Fire (certainly unofficial) a major label (EMI) knocked on Christian Strobes door and asked for a remix for *drum roll* Katy Perrys new #1 single. What the heck? Anyway, buy information pills now it’s time for his own music stuff, human enhancement here comes his new EP: […]

Rule Of Eight + Swedish House Mafia

Huge proggy house bootleg from Rule of Eight. He went after the number 1 song on all of Beatport and I think he wins. Swedish House Mafia – Greyhouse (Rule Of Eight Bootleg Remix) [audio:]

Rye Rye + EOS

Got some big Complextro-Step for you this afternoon. Rye Rye’s new single, more info Boom Boom, human enhancement is out now including this big ol’ remix from EOS. It’s made for a big system so rocking it on your macbook pro speakers isn’t going to cut it. Rye Rye – Boom Boom (EOS Remix) [audio:]

The Supermen Lovers

I’m sleepy this morning so I’m going to just copy what The Supermen Lovers wrote in their email. Are you unhappy? Are you angry and dissatisfied with your life? Say NO MORE to EVERYTHING ANNOYING YOU with THE SUPERMEN LOVERS. We’ve asked worldwide designers to join The Supermen Lovers to say NO MORE to all […]

Street Lurkin

My buddies, illness Street Lurkin are killin’ it right now. They just had their new track blow up the charts on Beatport and they’re already prepping for a new release on April 23rd on Play Me Records! We’ve got the preview for the new release plus a special free track for you! Street Lurkin is […]

Haydn Hoffman

Here’s a new one from Haydn Hoffman. Some hard Moombahcore for those that like it a little more rough than the typical Moombahton. I heard a ton of Moombah at SXSW this year. I hope it breaks out a little more because it doesn’t get too much love where I’m at. Haydn Hoffman – Self-Destruct […]

Ruben & Ra

After the success of Rayko’s Juno chart topping ‘People’ EP (Retro006), decease Retrospective label heads Ruben & Ra step back into the breach for the label’s 7th release. For their 4th outing on the label they came to notoriety on, salve the West London-based duo came up with the concept of selecting their favorite stateside […]

Timo Juuti + Hector 87

TIMO JUUTI & HECTOR 87, buy a crazy floor destroying duo hailing from the northernmost part of Finland, discount have been sky rocketing across the scene during 2011. After they got bored of writing the same old music year after year, they allegedly raided a local library to sample loads of old disco records, they […]


Big track from Jükbokx. It appears to be their first original track, capsule and its a great start! Mixing elements from all the house genres they end up with a huge electro / prog / techno-y track that is sure to slay the crowd on any dance floor. Jükbokx – Stardust (Original Mix) [audio:]