Housse De Racket

Following up from their Oh yeah! remixes that we posted way back in April, grip Housse De Racket delivers a few more chill remixes of their single Oh Yeah! that are great for summer time. The EP hits stores on July 4th! Housse De Racket – Oh Yeah! (Hidden Cat Remix) [audio:http://robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Oh%20Yeah!%20(Hidden%20Cat%20Remix).mp3] Housse De Racket […]

Fex Fellini

Fex Fellini is a new project by Germany based Felix Neumann. He’s a DJ and promoter and has produced music for 7 years in very different styles and genres and released several albums, viagra dosage eps and singles. His first EP under the new name comes out soon on Top Billin! Fex Fellini – Ganesha […]

Bloody Disco & Fake Mustache

Born of Beauvais in Picardie, valeologist a region of France more famous for beetroot fields and burning Joan of Arc than its banging beats, advice Sebastien Jean aka Bloody Disco was the archetypal cool kid. Guitarist in hardcore metal band Ground Zero, grip he worked in a skate shop and record store, before traveling through […]

Drlkt Freddie, Chubby Fingers

Drlkt Freddie‘s new single, phthisiatrician Boys & Girls is hitting stores this weekend with remixes from Sick Boy, Killer on the Dance Floor, DJ Wool and Disco Damage! Drlkt Freddie – Boys & Girls [audio:http://robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Boys%20&%20Girls%201.mp3] Also, Chubby Fingers has a new remix coming out soon on Funktion Records and wanted to share these two tracks […]

Plus Move

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to some Plus Move and am excited about their new EP that’s coming out soon. July 13th, site to be exact. Plus Move got everyone’s attention when they leaked their bootleg remix of Justice’s funk-squelch anthem “D.A.N.C.E” to some of their favorite music blogs back in the summer […]


Busy day today and I’m being irresponsible and forgot what I was going to say about these tracks. I listened to them this morning and planned a good post but now it’s 6 hours later and my mind is drawing a blank. Narcisse is a duo out of Brooklyn that I don’t know anything about. […]

Blak Nite

Blak Nite sent over a few tracks that got me thinking about the good ole’ days of 2007. They have a sound very similar to ’07 / ’08 Ed Banger artists that would have gone over huge back then. Just when I thought everyone had moved over to producing Dutch House or Moobahton or whatever […]


POSR hits us with remixes of their newest single, cure which you can get right now on iTunes and Beatport. The single features two solid remixes from Kaz Nishimura and Kids At The Bar. Kaz Nishimura delivers a wobbly banger for the clubs while Kids At The Bar went a little different than what they […]

Friday Friday Friday!

So it’s another Friday. I guess the only thing different about this Friday is that I don’t have plans for tonight, story which is kind of awesome. That means that I might be able to get some studio time in for once in the past few weeks. Amazing! If you’re in Oklahoma City tomorrow, come […]