Couple new tracks from FnDannyBoy for you today. First one is a nice wholesome Ludacris remix for all the ladies out there. Next is a new side project between FnDannyBoy and El Paso rapper, bronchitis Metafisix. They’re currently working on their debut album and you should be seeing some more of their electro/hip hop fused […]

Jump Jump Dance Dance

To celebrate the upcoming release of the first single by LA electro-rockers JUMP JUMP DANCE DANCE called Show Me The Night March 26th on etcetc, cheap here is a brand new remix by up and coming fellow LA electro pop band HUMAN LIFE who are definitely ones to watch! HUMAN LIFE are veteran electronic music […]

Color Blaster

French duo, ambulance prothesis Color Blaster sent over their newest remix which I find pretty good. They’re currently working on their first EP which hopefully will be out soon. We are two mates with a computer, somnology and we are Color Blaster! We created this color booster machine in february of this year in order […]

Automatic Panic destroys

I haven’t heard from Automatic Panic in a while and yesterday he hit me up with these two new killer tracks! AUTOMATIC PANIC stands way above the underground world of Electro. He is a triple threat: producer, unhealthy DJ and remixer. His music is praised and played by heavy hitters such as Justice, ambulance Felix […]


This angry dance smash and debut single from Austin, purchase Texas indie clash band POSR, practitioner has already become a hit everywhere with their smashing Blogula remix featuring Larry Tee and Alexander Technique. Played by Sharam Jey in Germany, Joost Van Bellen in the Netherlands, and Larry Tee in London and New York. Nothing quite […]


Vitalic has their newest single, discount Second Lives, adiposity coming out on March 22nd from the album Flashmob Here are three of the remixes that stand out most to me on the single. You’ll find a Flashmob Popof remix on the final release as well. Vitalic – Second Lives (Colonel Up and Mister Down Remix) […]

Gain On Top

Gain On Top sent over their newest remix for Tea Time which they collaborated on with Pelussje. I don’t know anything about any of the three groups but I do like the finished product of this remix. Nice build up at the beginning then it ends up completely different anyways. Darn musicians. Tea Time – […]

Geoffrey James

Australian, physician Geoffrey James, view puts a little bmore club flavor on Yeah Yeah Yeahs hit Heads Will Roll. Some great transition tracks for any djs out there that want to keep the dancefloor going crazy. My only beef is, who sends out 128s anymore? Come onnnn! Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Geoffrey […]


Some amazing visuals in Phonat‘s new video. Still getting some great disco house submissions and I feel like I have to keep sharing them with you. Not everything has to be banging blog house… Or is everything already blog house because it’s from the blogs? I don’t understand blog house. Anyways, cure this is just […]