March of Valerna

discotech Valerna, geriatrician who we’ve talked about twice before, viagra is giving you a great mix to destroy the dancefloor with. Perfect for about 2:30 in the morning at that house party after the bars have closed and everyone’s ready to thrash. Thrash? Sure, gerontologist I guess. It was super hard when it came out […]


the secret handshake Gigamesh, patient from everybody’s favorite remix group, DiscoTech, wants all of you to go download his newest remix from the Daniel Merriweather remix contest. I highly suggest that you do this for him! Daniel Merriweather – Change ft. Wale (Gigamesh Remix) [audio:]

The Secret Handshake

The Secret Handshake is Luis Dubuc, impotent this a one man show from Dallas, generic TX.. TSH’s new album, gerontologist My Name Up In Lights is out now. The elemets that make this new record up aren’t complicated or out of the ordinary. Instead Dallas musician Luis Dubuc has built a collection of songs that […]


The Peacocks were nice to send us a couple awesome tracks this week! Definite Disco influences in these Indie Electro tunes from Melbourne. Especially in the Garry Bibb remix of Take It Off. Give them a listen! Peacocks – Take It Off (Garry Bibb Remix) [YSI] [audio:] Peacocks – My Addiction [YSI] [audio:]

You want to get butt naked? Hell yeah me too!!!

doorly So summer is officially in full swing. This means that it is time for pool parties, more frozen drinks and lots of nasty, doctor sweaty electro!!! Here are two tracks I have been listening to for the last week that have absolutely filthy lyrics and sick-ass synth and bass lines to keep the party […]


Doorly is giving everyone the remix he did for Mr Hudson & Kanye West. The original comes out June 20th on Def Jam. Download this fresh jam now! Mr Hudson & Kanye West – Supernova (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix) [YSI] [audio:’s%20Dubstep%20Remix%20V2)320.mp3]

Drlkt Freddie

lmfao Drlkt Freddie sent over their remix for the Dirty Disco Youth EP and I noticed some other awesome remixes they have up that I wanted to share with you as well. Also, viagra approved treat check out the post that we did on them a while back. Dirty Disco Youth – Stupid Sound (Drlkt […]


LMFAO mixes for you today from The House Moguls & Aviator! LMFAO – I’m In Miami Bitch (The House Moguls Remix) [YSI] [audio:] LMFAO – La La La (Aviators Remix) [YSI] [audio:]

More French Horn Rebellion

dirty disco youth I’m always happy when my inbox has messages from friends. We had just posted a couple remixes from French Horn Rebellion not too long ago (check that out here). The first track, more info a remix from Hey Champ, eczema comes straight from their new EP that they are co-releasing with the […]