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Everybody needs to download my newest remix from this player thing. DO IT. Show some support and grab my newest remix from this player! The Dance Robots, pills Dance! remix of Babyz

Tigercity + VHSorBETA

As of late, there I love pretty much anything with a disco beat. Congas, more about Disco Bells, etc get my attention pretty quickly. Today I ran across this badass disco remix by VHS or Beta DJs! They’ve taken a song that was already pretty damn disco, and finished the job. You could probably stick […]

Thriller acapella video


Kids At The Bar killin it again

Bulimiatron remixes Fake Blood Still fresh from the Oklahoma oven, buy more about semi-new Kids At The Bar show no signs that they will be taking any breaks any time soon. Pumping out a killer remix for the Ultraviolet Sound remix contest and then dumping the fresh Data remix on everyone’s lap right after! Its […]