Dandi Wind

The DJs of Dance Robots, urticaria side effects Dance! will be playing with Dandi Wind on July 21st at The Conservatory. Dandi Wind – Safety Dance[audio:http://www.robotdancemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/02-safety-dance-1.mp3]

Things that dance + party time

Drawing things that end up dancing is fun. Also, generic there is a fun party to dance at tomorrow.

Spinal Tap + Army of bass players

Daft Dance

In memory of Daft Hands we bring you the Daft Dance!

Softlightes, Le Castle Vania + Treasure Fingers, Robotic NYC

  Alright! No one asked for it AND HERE IT IS! My blingin’ kitty summer mix. I really should have made it longer though. DJ b.’s bangin’, stuff blingin’, prescription pettin’ kitty summer mix [audio:http://www.dancerobotsdance.com/podcast/drd_20070627.mp3]   Tracklisting after the cut >