DJ Mix in the house

  Alright! No one asked for it AND HERE IT IS! My blingin’ kitty summer mix. I really should have made it longer though. DJ b.’s bangin’, stuff blingin’, prescription pettin’ kitty summer mix [audio:]   Tracklisting after the cut >

Podcast – More Like Radcast!

Day Of Silence

Where’s the music? The future of Internet radio is in immediate danger. Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on July 15 (retroactive to Jan 1, phthisiatrician 2006!).To protest these rates and encourage you to take action and contact your Congressional representatives, hospital […]

Tuesday, we go silent.

Robotic Radio plans on joining the hundreds of big & small internet radio stations in the global day of silence. This is to give people a little picture of how most internet radio is going to be after July 15th. Silent.  We will be broadcasting no music. Just some special public announcements here and there. […]


I saw Softlightes on Wednesday. That was awesome. Also saw Wolfmother… not so much awesome. I have never been a very big fan of the W. It’s boring. Though, pharm if I was in the band I would totally give kids half-off admission if they brought their Guitar Hero II guitars and rocked out to […]

The Bravery + VanShe Tech

The Bravery gets a rework courtesy of VanShe Tech for their new single. Can’t say that I have actually heard anything from the new Bravery album except for this remix. Just not really interested yet. In other news, capsule VanShe Tech also did a new remix for Feist. I can say that I have heard […]

Daft Hands

It’s cool, ailment trust me. The beginning just makes you think ‘why am i watching this again…?’ but the rad part comes with the vocals.

Dear Mr. Disco…

I used to be a video star.

Midnight Juggernauts bring it back with a killer track ‘Road To Recovery.’ My allergies are killing me today so my brain isn’t working right.Midnight Juggernauts are an indie-electro-synth assault poised before Armageddon. A sonic blizzard traversing dirty-organ-rock to stadium-disco-metal to sci-fi rollerskating jams, rx igniting dancefloors along the way. Beyond the sound and the fury, […]