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Seeing that i am away from my computer at the moment and i cannot think of what new tracks i’ve gotten i’m stealing this myspace post from my pal John Bourke.

It’s after the cut.

after hearing this term thrown around for the last few months and speaking with jeremy dawson about it tonight… i decided to look into it a bit more.. new rave doesnt really have anything to do with dance music.. its bands from the UK like the klaxons, overweight discount new young pony club, datarock, sunshine underground, CSS, shit disco, yuksek. some of which i have been playing out.. but i have just seen it as dancerock.. or just rock for that matter. but i guess these new rocker kids are wearing bright neon colors and bring glowsticks to shows and do other things that are typically seen as “rave.” dawson was saying they get hit in the head with glowsticks on stage daily when they play in the UK. it looks like the 90s are trying to come back already before we are even out of the decade. maybe a sign that the times.. they are a changin..

go check out this link for some of new rave fashion.. and other weirdness….
i provided a link to their promo video at the very bottom.. they do clothes for M.I.A.

here is BIGSTEREO‘s rant on new rave..

Yeah. It was pretty much decided, the moment that NME first uttered the phrase, that New Rave pretty much sucked. Not the music mind you. Klaxons are a breath of fresh air, and The Sunshine Underground have been making great Electro-Rock for a few years now. It’s the name. New Rave stinks. It feels gross… like barf. Or… like the first time you heard the word Electroclash flutter out of someone’s mouth.

We’ve all pretty much broken down what New Rave is — it’s 2006’s version of Electro-Rock. Someone decided around early 2005 that Electro-Rock was played out. Not cool anymore. Much in the same way that in late 2001 someone decided Electroclash was played out. The problem was that bands didn’t listen. They kept making music. Not just music, but damn good music. Good music, but last year’s music. What to do?! NME stepped up to the plate and said, “Hey guys, even though it sounds just like Electro-Rock it is not Electro-Rock. It’s New Rave or Nu Rave or Neu Rave. Duh!”

Guys, we are in a total rut. There is a disgusting pattern going on:

Step 1: Create genre. Combine two unlikely pre-existing genres (ie Disco Punk) or make something old New (ie Nu Wave).

Step 2: Hype, hype, hype. Find a bunch of bands that didn’t quite make the cut under Step 1 during the last cycle, and throw the new label on them.

Step 3: Have all the bands in this “new” genre remix each other. This step is very important. Cross promotion leads to Step 4…

Step 4: Declare that the genre is dead. Over. Fin. Tired. Last Year.

Electroclash, Nu Wave, Electro House, Disco Punk, Electro Rock, New Rave, Whatever. Sure there are some subtle differences. Maybe. But can we please just admit it is all the same?

I propose a challenge: Don’t decide it is over until the kids stop making the music. It’s not up to some tight wad at some glossy magazine or major label to decide it’s over because he has to push his product. It is up to the musicians to decide when it is over. It is over when Peaches sits down and creates a country album. When bands like Klaxons stop appearing out of thin air… then it’s over. It is over when we decide to stop buying all these damn records.

This is getting gross. We are at as much fault as NME. Are we such a consumer society that we cannot like a genre for more than a year? We have to throw it out and buy whatever “new” music is being crammed down our throats? Are we total suckers? Arg… pipe dream, but are there too many bands? Too many genres? Too much music?

some footage of the klaxons live.. with some glowsticks..

here is a video by trash fashion..

some kind german news report.. they are actually playing the boy noize remix of shiny toy guns during it.. haha.

klaxons – gravity’s rainbow…

klaxons – golden skans

the cassette promo video for their fashion… weird…

Who doesn’t love a good house party?? Tonight we’ll be kicking it in Norman, sickness Oklahoma robot style.

Also, approved here’s a flyer for the DRD! weeklies – after the cut.


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