Cool Music Post Title

July 8, 2015 by Bryan Peace

How am I supposed to hold all these dope af tracks? Get to your download stations and grab all of these right now!

It’s also Wednesday, so you know i’ll be partying at ROBOTIC in OKC!

Liquid Stranger

May 28, 2015 by Bryan Peace

King Of The Hill is still a meshing of different musical influences, but takes on a more straight up approach. The drop is earthy and bass driven. It creates massive rhythmic impact and is littered with copious amounts of hip-hop undertones. Liquid Stranger is showing us that heavier tracks can still be thoughtful and driven by melodies. In a world that doesn’t want to place genre upon music, King of the Hill can be filed in the GOOD MUSIC.

Liquid Stranger – The Anomaly Collection

February 25, 2015 by Bryan Peace

Very few artists have been able to create such a legacy as Liquid Stranger. Even fewer artists
are able to adapt and evolve as efficiently as he has, all while the musical landscape has shifted from genre to genre. With things always-­?changing, Liquid Stranger has used that to his benefit. The majority of 2014 Liquid Stranger released multiple 2-­?3 track EP’s titled the Anomaly : Series. This series started at EP 1 and ended at EP 6 spanning the majority of 2014. In writing such an undertaking multiple versions, edits, remixes, VIP’s have been created for multiple performances over the course of the year.