darku j

Darku J

March 21, 2014

My homie, Darku J, just released his first full length album, THE ENDING. You can get some special codes to grab it for free over here or search for DARKU J on your favorite digital music store such as iTunes, Spotify or Beatport. A must for people that enjoy techno & house music!

white bahamian

White Bahamian + Wuki

March 18, 2014

White Bahamian just released his debut EP yesterday and is giving away the awesome WUKI remix for free! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go pick up the rest of the EP over here because it’s some great bass music for rumbling those speakers. I can’t wait to hear what else comes from White Bahamian in the future.

french horn rebellion

French Horn Rebellion + Haerts

March 7, 2014

Late nights in the big city always bring out the swingers. Hipsters in zoot suits in dark alley-ways; beat-boxers playing New Jack Swing on street corners; and French Horn Rebellion’s Next Jack Swing dance floor full of Band Geeks Gone Wild. In “Swing Into It” let Nini Fabi who, before forming HAERTS sang with FHR, lure you in to a swinging night: dark, buzzing with energy and just a little bit of intrigue.

winter cat


March 4, 2014

When is winter over and spring beginning? I hope this snow from last weekend is the last of it! I’m ready to go play outside now.

Today’s post features some great new tracks that came out this week. Everybody is ready for warmer party weather.



February 26, 2014

Awww Yisssssss it’s Wednesday! It’s my party day. Here’s a bunch of free tracks that I’ve got on repeat today to get me through this weird ass coldness that I woke up to. Why is it so cold outside?

beach cat

Beautiful Tuesday

February 18, 2014

I’m stuck inside today and it’s so nice outside. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo



February 4, 2014

Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again. I think Tuesdays are my least favorite days. I’m not sure. I actually don’t have a least favorite day, I’m just making all this up.

Anyways, here’s a random post of tracks from disco house to trap to dnb. What? ¯\_(?)_/¯

chill cat

Happy Mondays

February 3, 2014

I went swimming through Soundcloud this morning to find some chill stuff to share with everyone. They all have free downloads if you look hard enough on their pages!

It’s doing that typical February snow this week in Oklahoma and I’m really feeling these tracks right now.

rise & fool - toxic

Rise & Fool + Britney Spears

February 2, 2014

Say what you want about Britney but Toxic was a great pop song. Rise & Fool does a great job with their cover as well. I regret listening to it on my laptop as I can tell it needs a sub to do it justice.

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